Nelson Chatelain


Sinuhe and Marie Agrinzoni
Huntsville, AL

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for performing an outstanding job on the addition of an office to our home. My wife and I want to extend a special thanks to your foreman, Jim Monahan, who made himself readily available whenever we needed him. Your contractors were courteous and helpful when we asked questions about the project. I have never partaken on a project of this size so I was pleasantly surprised at the punctuality of your workers on a daily basis."

Dr. and Mrs. Gannueh
Huntsville, AL

"It would be nice if people could always just expect the excellent work, professional attitude, kindness, and fairness that you’ve shown. But in the "real world", I know that’s not the case. It’s awfully nice to know that it does still exist! Most of all though I want to thank you for the concern and fairness that you’ve shown during our unexpected dilemma. After having gotten estimates from others for odd jobs in the past, I know that what you’ve charged us for this additional work is almost too good to be true. In fact, once the wall was secured I did check with another company to get a price for the cosmetic finishes. Their price on that work alone was nearly 3 and a half times more than yours."

Keith and Willa Rice
Huntsville, AL

"We would like to thank you, Jim, and your team for the outstanding work done on our home remodeling project. You and Jim did a great job putting up with the two of us constantly changing our minds!!! In the end, you delivered the product that you promised, provided us with quality workmanship and project management, which has helped us to improve the overall value and beauty of our home. We learned that doing a remodel is not an easy task! We are very pleased with the results. Once again thank you, and we hope to work with you again on another project in the future."

Craig and Jenny Northridge
Huntsville, AL

"Craig and I are pleased with the way everything turned out. I was pleasantly surprised when Brian, my brother-in-law, was so impressed with our kitchen. He and his wife live in a house they paid almost $1 million dollars for in Austin, Texas, and he said our kitchen is nicer, larger, and more open… with lots more counter space. He does all the cooking at his house, so I think he would notice more than most men."

Linda and Dennis Warren
Huntsville, AL

"Dennis and I wanted to thank you and Jim and all the workers for such an excellent job in helping us with remodeling our kitchen. Your suggestions about adding the tall pantry cabinet next to the refrigerator and cutting the wall ½ back instead of completely removing it were great insights that Dennis and I had not a clue about. And we just love it! Thank you again for the terrific job!"

Sharon Elliott
Huntsville, AL

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job on our home. Once contacted about problems, your courteous manner and expeditious remedies were MOST appreciated. You not only talk the talk of the "Fish", but you walk His walk. I will recommend you to anyone who will treat you as well as you treated us."